Idiot Wind

I don’t know how he did it and I’m not paranoid but nobody, not even Q, can tell me that this blizzard doesn’t have Donald J. Trump’s fingerprints all over it and I demand that DNA samples are taken from the flakes and that a special House committee be convened post haste to examine my allegations, as they are very, very serious indeed and any delays could be devastating to the point of a worldwide, story-ending Armageddon.

The storm not so coincidentally strikes at the same time that the Senate is scheduled to begin Trump’s impeachment trial and what better way to gum it up, delay it, create a subterfuge or even cancel the trial, than to bury one of the most populated areas in the country under a crippling blizzard of historic proportions. If any of you out there think I am being far-fetched, think again, and realize who and what we are dealing with.

I want all of the NOAA records subpoenaed. There is no way this much snow can fall without external factors at play. It is the biggest blizzard in 500 years and that is a fact. There have to be other forces at work, sinister forces, forces that are beyond the range of people like us but not beyond the government and a person of Trump’s disposition. Several reliable websites are reporting that the blizzard is likely caused by a supercomputer that was activated as part of Trump’s space warriors program. Curiously, the snow only fell in any sizable quantities in blue states and that, my friends, is no coincidence. Coincidence that the blizzard strikes in the same week that the impeachment trial is set to start? I think not.

Still don’t believe me? OK. How about these facts: Every single serious storm without exception in the four years of the Trump regime occurred in blue states while red states, not immune to the weather, of course, experienced relatively minor, sporadic weather events. There was the blizzard of Jan. 30, 2016, just days after the largest crowd in history witnessed the inauguration, that the New York (read that Democratic) area was whacked with a whopper of a storm that dumped four feet of snow and paralyzed the city for weeks. You can’t make this stuff up.

Furthermore, a tracking of the worst weather events during the eight years of the Obama rule shows that the situation was reversed and that the red states continuously fell under the worst possible weather conditions, while New York, California and Connecticut had the mildest weather in many years. Another coincidence? Be real, people.

There is an abundance of historical precedent to prove that the government, indeed, has the ability and at various times, the will and the opportunity, to control the weather and bring about devastating effects.

Superstorm Sandy, which touched down in 2012, was not a random act of nature, far from it, the storm of historic proportions was engineered by the Obama administration in order to manufacture a crisis, show his bravado and win reelection which was coming just a week after Sandy arrived. Another coincidence? Give me a break.

Obama and now Trump have created drastic weather through the government’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which creates and sends electromagnetic waves in the upper atmosphere that are then harnessed to create powerful weather conditions. The same system was used to form the monstrous Hurricane Katrina under orders of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. These facts are all verifiable with a little research on public platforms and reliable websites.

Another method of controlling weather involves adding chemicals to the condensation trails or contrails that form when the hot exhaust from aircraft flying at high altitudes condenses upon mixing with the cold upper atmosphere. Even a cursory review of the use and makeup of contrails produces indisputable evidence that the government has in the past and will continue to spread the chemical-containing contrails and disturb the weather for nefarious and political purposes.

Adding fuel to the fire, excuse the pun, is the fact that has been backed up by numerous eyewitnesses and videos that show how lasers were used to start the California wild fires as an effort by powerful Jewish interests to win support for space generators. Some counter that the lasers were actually something far less nefarious, lightning. But we know better than that and for more on that, just refer to the website of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga.

For more on all of this, I suggest checking out One America News Network, Breitbart News Network, Western Journal, THE BONGINO REPORT, Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Daily Wire, InfoWars, Washington Examiner, The Gateway Pundit or The Blaze.



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