Donald you are so boring and so predictable and you have not a creative bone in your body. I knew that would get you.

But despite your total lack of talent, conscience, empathy and intellect, you are very dangerous, and I am very fearful that you will be re-elected and the gloves will come off and you will be with us in all of your terrifying fury until 2024 and beyond.

Let me understand this. Somebody comes up to me and punches me in the face. Then I retaliate and I am arrested for assault. Then you tell me that the police can’t handle people like me but the feds will.

And then a bunch of us come out, with the city leaders, to protest in largely peaceful terms, the brutality of the ruthless, secret police aka federal agents and they are met with tear gas and other wonderful things like rubber bullets, which sound like they are made of Styrofoam, and pepper balls which sound like they would be good on eggs.

When water is needed to put out the fire, the goons throw gasoline, and they point to the chaos the secret police have created as proof positive that federal intervention is in fact needed to restore order that has been turned into that same chaos by these same federal agents.

Then begin the hype of fear with TV snippets showing the mayhem in the streets of America’s cities, even though the snippets actually show events videotaped at an unrelated event in Ukraine. And they remind everyone about how bad crime is in America even though crime has been trending downward but what’s wrong with a little fibbing along the road to redemption.

And throw in the fact that Obama could have headed off COVID 19 but didn’t and that Biden is senile and Donald isn’t as evidenced by his ability to tell the difference between an elephant and a rabbit and recite “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

And then use the phony TV snippets and the president’s commentators who abhor facts and then convince ordinary people like me that yes, the cities are exploding in chaos and only the stable genius can save the day from the caravans that he stopped coming into the U.S. and that have their sights on my suburbia.

Seems like a pretty familiar strategy. I recall the record-breaking crowds at his inauguration, the hordes of mother-stabbing and father-raping illegals flooding over the southern border intent on getting jobs in lawn maintenance, the carnage in the cities and the attacks on our national pride by knee-taking, traitorous African American football players.

Here’s an idea. Make all the psychiatrists deliver babies; the neurosurgeons can set broken pinkies; the obgyns can help with troubled marriages; and the GPs can work on those pesky heart transplants.

And while we’re at it, the police will put out fires; the firefighters will direct traffic; the sailors will jump out of planes; the pilots will dig foxholes; the dentists will teach pre-Cambrian history; and the soldiers who are trained to kill and not to quell civil rest will be brought in to quell civil unrest, oh wait, we’re already doing that.

The federal troops are largely being transferred to the cities from ICE duty on the southern border where they are tasked with keeping out illegal and dangerous, 2-year-olds and their grandparents. These troops are not known for being subtle; they have experience in brutality and not in crowd control, just what the Donald ordered.

Don’t be fooled. We are seeing the making of a private security force that will be the only source of peace after Donald loses the election but won’t leave because of widespread voter fraud by the Democrats. And when he won’t leave, the protesters will take to the streets and the federal thugs will be called out to punch people in the nose and then arrest them when they punch back.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

And by the way, while Donald is busy restoring truth, justice and the American way while keeping those culture-threatening transgender people out of the Army, thousands continue to succumb to the pandemic which is worse here than any other country on earth. But it’s more important to fight an imaginary war against left wing agitators and anarchists than to right a real war against a terrible, terrible raging coronavirus.

If I have to choose between Donald and “Naked Athena” I will take “Naked Athena” every time, without batting an eye.

Journalist for 40 years and now a creative writer