Good Luck Joe

The leaves have already started falling and I asked the tree why.

The tree said he (she) and many other trees were so bone weary and sick and tired of the past months that they want to drop their leaves early and get a head start on their fall and winter breaks. The tree also told me that he expects things will be better when he and his arboreal friends awaken in the spring, ready for a new world.

I said to the tree, good luck and enjoy your rest because we will all need our energy next year.

I expect that Joe Biden will win in November and that President Bone Spur will not leave graciously. The hope is that he will leave before Jan. 20, after his spurious claims are rejected that the election was rigged, that millions of Trump votes went uncounted or that gremlins had bound and gagged thousands of Trumpsters to keep them from voting. The gremlins scenario is the most believable.

So it’s a question of when and not if President “Mexico is Paying for Wall” Trump will have to vacate 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And you’re dreaming if you expect any quick fixes to the mess that Trump has wrought.

The easy low hanging fruit will include:

  • The nation will no longer be the laughingstock of much of the rest of the world and other nations will be able to trust U.S. policies are based on facts and not whims or Fox news.

That would be the easy stuff. The problems of the country have been building for many years, 244 to be precise, through Democratic and Republican administrations. That calculation is made by deducting the year the nation was founded, 1776, to the current year; essentially for the nation’s total history.

  • Climate change is the worst problem the world has ever faced and there is no consensus on how to reverse or halt climate change and whether the battle already has been lost. Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord but previous administrations haven’t made any significant progress.

Good luck Joe.



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