A couple of friends asked me how I can come up with something new to blog about every day. It reminds me of a line from a John Prine song, that goes:

“But how the hell can a person

Go to work in the mornin’

And come home in the evenin’

And have nothin’ to say.”

I have so many things plowing through my brain to write about that I worry that I’ll forget one while I’m writing down another. Let’s see, there must be something to blog about.

Donald the Wretched is fiddling while the west coast burns.

The climate change-caused conflagration on the west coast continues with 5 million acres of land burned beyond recognition in California, Oregon and Washington.

Donald the Wretched, you claimed that rioters were burning down Portland, Ore., and Chicago was out of control. You got that partly right that Oregon is burning down and the people of California, Oregon and Washington are facing emergency evacuation and yes it is approaching total chaos but it’s because of climate change and policies that you have rejected to limit climate change. Last I checked Chicago was still functioning.

But maybe you are right. If California just cut their lawns better there would be no fires.

The warming climate has had a profound and devastating effect out west where the wildfires are exploding. No place is immune to the effects of climate change and make no mistake, it will get worse, whether it’s more numerous, powerful hurricanes destroying large swaths of the east coast or rising ocean levels that are already threatening built-up areas along the coast or droughts that threaten food for millions. As the days go by there will be nowhere to hide, at least for us poor slobs who can’t afford to simply jump on a private jet and flee to the safety of a getaway island.

So I have an idea on how to deal with climate change. Let’s gather world leaders to meet in Paris, France, and come up with some kind of worldwide accords to get moving on cutting down on the use of fossil fuels like coal and oil which produce carbon dioxide that directly exacerbates climate change around the world.

Oh, wait, we did that under Obama and Donald the Wretched pulled the U.S. out of the accords because climate change is a “hoax.” Most recently, the “hoax” has so far, destroyed a land mass about the size of New Jersey and don’t talk about “hoax” regarding thousands of homes destroyed in Oregon where 40,000 have been evacuated and as many as 500,000 live under evacuation alerts while the fires rage on.

So what else could I possibly blog about. Maybe the latest revelations that Donald the Wretched knew the deadly potential of COVID-19 but downplayed it because he didn’t want to create panic. Are you kidding? Donald the Wretched thrives on panic like the phantom caravan that was supposedly bringing thousands of criminals to rape, pillage and burn in the U.S. or the constant drum roll about the rioting that is allegedly tearing apart all of Portland and threatens the whole country, even if it’s just in the mind of Donald the Wretched.

Or Donald the Wretched’s latest announcement that his son-in-law has brokered an agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to normalize relations with Israel. Ain’t that grand. The UAE is one of the main suppliers of weapons, funneled from Saudi Arabia to fuel the conflict in Yemen where more than 100,000 people have been killed in the Saudi Arabian-led bombing and 13 million Yemeni civilians face starvation.

So through the agreement, the UAE gets normalized relations with Israel, further eroding united Arab opposition to the continued building of settlements in the West Bank and refusing to grant Palestinians statehood within Israel. By the way, the Saudi regime is the same regime that murdered the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

And maybe Donald the Wretched is must making it all up and the UAE hasn’t done anything. But trust Donald the Wretched to provide the unvarnished truth while I run to the bathroom to eliminate.

And there’s always plenty to write about regarding the seemingly daily reports of another unarmed black man being shot dead by police.

And there’s the civil war in Syria. What did happen to that war?

Another line from Mr. Prine, goes:

“Just give me one thing

That I can hold on to

To believe in this livin’

Is just a hard way to go.”

It is a hard way to go.

Journalist for 40 years and now a creative writer