Pass The Potatoes

Obese Americans may get prioritized to get in line sooner when a COVID-19 vaccine is available. Pass the ice cream and the pie and the hero sandwiches and the fried foods and the pasta, lots and lots of pasta and beer, beer, beer.

Obesity would be added to a priority list to get vaccinated that includes health-care personnel, workers in essential and critical industries, older adults and people with certain underlying medical conditions.

I have my resumes in to work as anything at a hospital; I plan to sign up tomorrow as a first aid squad volunteer; and my age is taking care of itself.

I cannot understand why people would be reluctant to get the vaccinations, once they are available, unless you’re one of those who believe the pandemic is just a souped-up flu and nothing to get really worried about or if you voted for Trump.

Tell that to the 265,166 souls in the U.S. that have been lost to the virus so far or the 13,142,997 Americans who have tested positive and languished in great pain in hospital beds or suffer from potential, post COVID -19 conditions like fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, joint pain, chest pain, difficulty with thinking and concentration, depression, headache, intermittent fever, heart palpitations, inflammation of the heart muscle, lung function abnormalities, acute kidney injury, rash, hair loss, smell and taste problems, sleep issues, difficulty with concentration, memory problems, depression, anxiety, and changes in mood.

Yeah, sounds pretty lame and hyped. I guess those deniers are the the same people who had 30 cousins and friends over for Thanksgiving and banned any mask wearing so as not to hide their glee, smiles and laughter. It will continue to be a big boon for the condolences and get well quick greeting card businesses. High price for a big piece of the bird and a chance to hear your least favorite drunken uncles bloviate.

There’s a really clever and funny sign posted by the neighborhood nut along his, what else, white picket fence, that brags that 100 people are coming for Thanksgiving and that masks are not allowed because masks are a Democratic hoax that have absolutely no bearing on the spread of the COVID-19. Another of his signs brags that Trump collected 80 million votes and he is certainly among those who believe that God will win out and that God would never, ever wear a face mask or keep six feet away from his angels and that God is a strong supporter of Trump.

The neighborhood Einstein is a bright man who I understand is a close relative to single cell amoeba.

Those who don’t believe in the seriousness of COVID-19 are the same ones who say we get too much snow anyway and cheer for intense climate change so they will have more time to go to the beach or shore in the summer and who say the wildfires out west could be snuffed out in a minute if only they would hire more woodland landscapers and that pedophile Democrats want to eat their daughters.

Any vaccine would require a series of intensive trials before it would be generally available. I might hesitate if I really believed we were at a point where the vaccine approval process would be sped up and the fate of the country compromised while the virus is weaponized for political reasons. Wait, I think we are at that point but I can only hope the evil people will lose out to the good people and scientists.

These empty-headed nut case beliefs based on religion or voodoo have been around for a long time involving other vaccines. Religious fanatics had a big influence as the National Institutes of Health reported that the number of polio cases increased worldwide by 150 percent since 1988, largely because of religious opposition to the vaccine.

Ever hear of someone called William Tebb? That is spelled WACKO. He was a British anti-vaccionist who influenced the forming of the Anti Vaccination Society of America in 1879. That society later spawned the New England Anti Compulsory Vaccination League (1882) and the Anti-vaccination League of New York City (1885), both equally based in cuckoo thoughts.

In the mid-1970s, an international controversy erupted over the safety of the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP) immunization in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. It started after 36 kids were diagnosed with neurological conditions after getting DTP shots. The connection was never proven but it was enough to scare many parents to leave their children defenseless against potentially lethal illnesses.

And then there was Andrew Wakefield, a dishonorable and discredited British doctor who published findings in the Lancet journal in 1988 that he claimed showed a possible link between autism, bowel disease and the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. A media firestorm followed igniting public fear. The fears remain even though the Lancet formally retracted the paper, Wakefield was branded a fraud and was barred from practicing medicine in Great Britain. Unfortunately, the charlatans who traffic in fears and lies operated largely before the Internet but now like-minded quasi-scientists can spread their information like a virus on the Internet.

But I don’t think those in power would gamble with my soul so they could score political points and I believe people are a lot smarter than to believe in wacky, conspiracy theories. Wait, maybe they are winning.



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