Fear or Illusion

Many years ago, I went to a KKK rally in a small South Jersey town, the kind you associate with burning crosses, and I arrived to find a large, loud crowd of protesters and I was ushered into a private home of one of the Klansmen who wanted to speak with me as a member of the press. In the room there were floor to ceiling mirrors on facing walls and the Klansmen were standing straight, like little storm troopers, all in their white pajamas and pointy hats and the facing mirrors gave the illusion that there were hundreds of them when there were actually only about six.

Illusion is part of the game that the crazies play as they try to show that there are many, many, many of them even if there are only a handful of them. The trouble is there is no way to know if they are really many of them or not and a miscalculation could be very, very dangerous.

I know people who I am totally certain tune into these crazy websites and while they may have the insight and intelligence of a zit, they find multitude, kindred spirits and they mutually support their insanity and there really is no way to stop it or hem it in and it could be a collision course for violence.

A perfect example is a website called “thedonaldwin.com.” It is a vicious forum with people calling for all kinds of violence against anyone not associated with and supportive of Trump. I don’t know if this is the facing mirror syndrome or if it is really representative and I also hesitate to quote from this pernicious website although not reporting means that people won’t know the full extent and real danger of the crazy crazies. So here goes.

As of yesterday, the latest posts on thedonaldwin.com claimed 3,735 comments. There are no warnings about content, no disclaimers about the accuracy of the claims. So, as one crazy posted, “God Damn It. BUCKLE THE FUCK UP. HERE WE GO.”

“Fedupandready” posted, “You know what they say. Talk is cheap. Too much talk for too long.”

“zigmund_fraud” was clear and said that “The time for waiting has passed.”

From “Jobu567,” “Still, locked and loaded, and ready to go.”

“Fuckallofyou” didn’t mince words as he posted, “I can’t wait to taste your blood.”

“I like our odds,” posted “darkhollow01” and that drew a response from “FedUpAndReady,” “As long as it happens before we have a new ‘Commander in Chief’” to which “parent” answered, “You mean commander in thief!”

From “Graywulf 21”: “Bet you are so excited to be Owned like cattle by China While Joe Laughs at your Dumb ass for being gullible enough to vote for your own demise!”

“TheLeftIsAntiRight” intoned that those who support Biden are among “those terrorist-supporting retards that voted for a pedophile.”

“Ontothefuture” announced that “Kyle Rittenhouse just entered the chat” though it could not be confirmed as Rittenhouse was not available for comment, which is a good thing (my comment).
From “Tintenfass” (German for inkwell): “Political power comes out of a gun barrel,” which prompted a kindred spirit response by Doctor_Strangelove, “These parasites understand only one thing, and that is fucking force.”

“You need to smarten up and get ready to be punched in the face, get ready to be exposed to some ugly kinetic truths about gun barrels and let go of dumb shit that does nothing but endanger lives at this point. Pull your head out of your fantasy ass, good sir,” posted an anonymous voice calling itself “Juicebusters.”

“Juicebusters” had an most ominous posting when he said, “We are reaching a boiling point though. But until The Big Guy tells us otherwise, hold the line.”

“GGAllins,” apparently a reference to punk rocker, Kevin Michael “GG” Allin, gave it his best attempt at sounding intelligent when he alerted all that “case law from here on out is the constitution does not matter. Every single other law based from the constitution is also null and void. War it is. Enjoy fags.”

And “540k-Again” pleaded with his allied spirits, “Lets not give up yet, frens. One more push, and THEN we go scorched earth.”