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Cowards Need to Stand Up

And Reject the Violence

When the marauding gang invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6, I felt personally violated that this uncivilized, flagellating hoard of twisted, mutant Americans would dare to force their way into the seat of my government and try to destroy the very…

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Facts in School

Are You Serious

If you are against teaching children factual history about slavery in the U.S. …

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Politics And Sports

A Bad Brew

You don’t go to the NFL if you want to talk about astrophysics and you don’t go to Harvard if you want to talk about a three-man, defensive, front line. The clubhouses and announcers’ booths for pro sports are where you go to be…

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Ugly Blot of Bigotry

It Hurts All Of Us

Bigotry hurts all of us, not just the targets, and it deprives us of the genius, beauty and compassion abundant in all races, genders, religions and ethnic groups and it knows no intellectual boundaries, geniuses can be bigots just as easily…

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What Holocaust?

Let’s Hear Both Sides

In Texas, they’ve abolished most abortions, even for rape and incest; they’ve sabotaged voters rights laws to cut down on voting by African Americans; the governor has told schools that they cannot require students to have COVID-19 vaccinations; and the state has done all…

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Stay Out of My Bedroom

And Keep Up the Protection

I’m not minimizing how shitty it is for a man to remove his condom without telling his lover but I can’t see how the new California law against so-called “stealthing” can be enforced.

I understand the seriousness of the issue…

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Keep Your Shatner

I’ll Take Madam C.J. Walker

I have absolutely no interest in a talent-challenged, 90-year-old self-important, obtuse, corpulent white guy who can afford to go to space for 10 minutes. And I have no patience for the police unions who threaten walk outs if their departments are required…

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The Labyrinth of Defense

Funded by You and Me

The nation spends a gargantuan amount of money on defense programs but tracking where the money goes and who gets it is nothing less than jumping down the rabbit hole and never getting back.

A glimpse of the labyrinth of connecting…

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Anyone Want to Buy Republican Bones

They Make Good Chandeliers

I couldn’t decide whether to blog about bones, how 91 percent of Iowans back trump or how an 88-year-old U.S. Senator who once, in no uncertain terms, blamed trump for the Jan. …

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Rich and Immortal

Frozen in Perpetuity

How do the uber rich steer clear of the pandemic or even of death itself? Some buy islands, some buy self-contained yachts like the music and film billionaire David Geffen, who noted with great concerns on his now-deleted Instagram account, “Isolated in the Grenadines…

Phil Garber

Journalist for 40 years and now a creative writer

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