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Corruption Fatigue Has Got Me On the Run

With No End in Sight

I have corruption fatigue.

The latest involves the three trump children who were all arrested on charges that they extorted the Ukrainian president while also allegedly lying about their income during the years of their father’s presidency and also hoarding COVID-19 vaccine which they sold on the black market to Black countries. And trump, himself, is reeling from the latest revelations that he had group sex, including bondage, with a band of pigmies from Chad, at his Bedminister golf club.

Just kidding but I’m not going to…

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Audacity is McCarthy’s Middle Name

Has He No Shame

Naming Republican congressmen Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana to the House committee looking into the Capitol insurrection is like appointing Hitler and Goebels to a committee looking into who to blame for the Holocaust.

Follow me on this, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California recommended five Republicans, including Jordan and Banks, to be seated on the committee that has been formed by House Democrats. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said the two trump-backing, far right leaning, “stop the steal,” traitorous lawmakers were just a tad…

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Amazing Congressional Revelations

About COVID-19 and Flat Earth

The latest blockbuster news is the burgeoning call among Republican lawmakers and right wing media for Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, something akin to a fructifying number of Republicans and right wingers, actually that’s redundant, announcing the startling news that the world is not flat. Well not exactly burgeoning but expanding or maybe that’s too strong and how about reality is trickling or dribbling through the ranks of the GOP and their handmaidens.

Honestly, to give credit to those who have changed their tunes from their former positions that the vaccine…

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Troubles? Not In My America

It’s All Good

Hold on, I have to turn on the light near my computer because the sunlight outside is being blocked by smog blanketing much of the United States, including New Jersey, thanks to those pesky wild fires raging in California all on account of bogus climate change. And I don’t know why, but it seems like it’s getting hard to breathe. OK, now I can see and I’ve turned on the light which is powered by electricity which is powered by giant gas turbines which throw pollutants in the air that give a…

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Guide for World Peace

Look Inward

The first step in bringing about a peaceful world is for people to understand that we are all the same, Blacks are no different than whites, women are no different than men, Russians are no different than Americans, French are no different than Chinese, Brazilians are no different than Swedes. We treat each other differently, but at our essence, we are all the same.

That is so difficult, if not impossible, for people to fathom because people of all cultures need scapegoats and there you get the animosity between cultures and people and nations…

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Here’s the Marjorie and Matt Show

Don’t Miss Their Tour

The latest darlings of the Republican Party are a congressman ensnared in an investigation into his role in a child sex ring and a congresswoman who believes wild fires in California are part of a Jewish plot and they are teaming up to lead a series of “America First” rallies. Jeesh.

And then you have a group of old, white conservative men, today’s version of “Deadheads,” who have been termed “Front Row Joes” as while they can’t follow the Grateful Dead, they do travel around the country to cheer wildly…

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Disinformation Dozen

Deadly Liars

Many Americans continue to refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and many are dying because they have listened to the “Disinformation Dozen,” anti-vaccine activists who are making a lot of money by spreading misinformation on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to more than 59 million followers, making them the largest and most important social media platforms for anti-vaxxers.

“Living in full view of the public on the Internet are a small group of individuals who do not have relevant medical expertise and have their own pockets to line, who are abusing social media platforms to misrepresent…

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Workers and the Tooth Fairy

It’s So Unfair

If you are a worker, you may have noticed that you have been taking quite a beating. Workers are in a real squeeze these days, not that they haven’t always been caught in a vise, but it’s a lot worse now, because of the pandemic, the recession and the loss of business revenues, meaning that any talk of worker unions is something that even the tooth fairy wouldn’t address. …

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News That Counts
Listen to the GOP

Record high temperatures, deadly flooding, widespread wild fires, extensive famine, shrinking ice caps.

And now the significant news. The Republicans continue to press plans to bar transgender students from playing in scholastic sports.

Moving on, the Biden administration will send up to $300 per child a month to most American families, payments that experts estimate will cut child poverty by nearly half, an achievement never done before in the history of this country.

And now for the important news. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will not arrest crowds protesting the Cuban government, even though…

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Get Your Shots

Woe are Those Who Don’t

News quiz.

Q. How did Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis respond in the wake of news that Florida had the nation’s biggest increase in new COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks?

A. He enacted an immediate executive order to require all Floridians to be vaccinated.

B. He ordered that masks be worn and social distancing be observed at all public gatherings.

C. His campaign team sold drink koozies and T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Don’t Fauci My Florida” referring to the noted epidemiologist Anthony Fauci and red coolers imprinted with the words…

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Journalist for 40 years and now a creative writer

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