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Biden Facing Gargantuan Task
And Lots of Bad Luck
I know the owner of a pub that was forced to close because of COVID-19 and then a few weeks after it re-opened, it was gutted by a fire and now it has reopened again, though undoubtedly the owner is waiting for the third shoe to fall as everyone knows that calamities always come in threes, it never rains but it pours and misfortunes never come singly. This pub owner ought to gracefully withdraw and retire to Maine.
Which brings me to poor Joe Biden, who loses his wife and daughter in a car accident while Christmas shopping in 1972. Then the promising career of his son, Beau, who was an Army Judge Advocate in Iraq and later Delaware Attorney General, was cruelly snuffed out when he died of brain cancer in 2015. And I am waiting for that fateful third shoe.
So finally, Joe, who has suffered so much and served so patiently and honorably as a senator and vice president, attains his biggest dream and is elected president, only millions don’t believe it and are cock sure that the would-be tyrant trump really won, were it not for those never discovered false ballots.
I like Joe Biden, I trust Joe Biden, I think Joe Biden is bright and politically astute so why are his poll numbers in the gutter, worse at this stage of his presidency than anyone other than that wannabe dictator. I think I know why Joe’s popularity is in the crapper, oh let me count the ways or rather the reasons why love in the White House has not found our star-crossed president.
Climate change, wild fires, hurricanes, 750,000 COVID-19 deaths, infrastructure bill, supply chain problems, shortages of new and used cars, critics on the right, critics on the left, critics on the firing line, ballooning gas costs, growing health care costs, giant spurts in southern border immigration, worsening U.S.-China relations, white supremacists, critical race theory, LGBTQ rights, lies, lies and more lies, extremism that led to an attack on the Capitol, the likes of which rivals the extremists of Nazi Germany, Facebook or whatever it’s calling itself now, QAnon, millions of people who hate you because you are not trump and who will not wear masks claiming that it is just a plot by you and your Democratic henchmen, relentless opposition that will stop at absolutely nothing and tell any and all lies, including a sickeningly partisan major broadcast company and all of those toadies in the Congress who are biting at your heels and foaming to see blood run from your veins and last but not least, the specter that always shadows Joe of the worst president in history but very likely the best politician ever. And not to be the pessimist but Joe also is 78, with a lot of mileage on those aging body parts and he is no spring chicken not even a winter chicken. And we are not living in a period where patience is exactly a valued commodity and we are in a time when the tiniest infraction, a yawn for instance, will explode in the Internet nether world and there might not even have been a yawn for the word to pass.
So those are a few reasons that you’re having a rather tough time and why a lot of people have lost faith in you. And not only to do I feel sorry for Joe, but I also really pity those ethical Republicans, small in number who they are, who are not sycophants who kiss the toes of the man with really bad hair. Those good Republicans and I know they are out there somewhere, have legitimate reasons not to support Uncle Joe in 2024 but there is that Gordian knot of a problem that if Gen. bone spurs runs in 2024, do these good Republicans support Uncle Joe because they know that nothing is worse than the man who plays very bad golf, that would be trump. Or would those good Republicans decide that Uncle Joe has not been able to gather his own troops and reach viable compromises to achieve any of the promises he made, legitimate grievances all, and would those good Republicans hold their collective noses and refuse to vote for a president who was roundly criticized for the way he withdrew U.S. forces in Afghanistan, who was the president who was on the way to winning the war against COVID-19 and turning the corner on the economy until the Delta variant showed its ugly ways and forced the economy to stutter and stall.
I don’t believe in black cats, I walk under ladders, I don’t toss salt, I don’t worry if a mirror breaks but I’m starting to wonder if the good president is just flat out unlucky and ought to think about that Maine retirement home and begin to reach out to a better Democratic candidate to face evil incarnate and the worst challenge to our system of government in 2024.

Joe Biden has been faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds and the major problems of the day were handed to him, not created by him, he did not create climate change, a racially polarized nation, the pandemic. But people want success and are reluctant to give politicians the benefit of the doubt and say that they understand they may be asking for too much. No, people want results.
Don’t get me wrong because I would vote for Joe in 2024 in a heartbeat if bone spurs is the candidate and even if trump doesn’t run, any candidate would have to be a trumper in order to attract the votes of those millions of undesirables so yes, I would vote for Joe under any foreseeable circumstances.



Journalist for 40 years and now a creative writer

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