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Heavy on the Dewormer

But Light on the Vaccine

Now for the latest from the land of the nincompoops.

People who refuse COVID-19 vaccinations because they don’t trust the government that the vaccine is safe, are taking Ivermectin, a drug that is used to kill worms in sheep but really can’t stop you from getting COVID-19 although enough Ivermectin can kill you but at least you won’t have worms.

The best comment about Ivermectin was a post on Facebook by Andrew Thaler who said “In retrospect, hiding all the microchips in Horses Dewormer was a stroke of genius.” That should frost the 20 percent of Americans who believe that microchips are hidden in the COVID-19 vaccine, even though there has never been even a micro-scintilla of evidence that this is true, according to a study by YouGov in conjunction with The Economist.

The wingnuts who believe the microchip conspiracy are convinced that the pandemic is a cover to create and inject trackable microchips so that the world can be controlled by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

The latest GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia is former NFL and University of Georgia football star, Herschel Walker, who has been ordered to stay away from his ex, who has had numerous lawsuits filed against his chicken company and who is full on with the conspiracy theories and 1,000 percent behind Gen. Bone Spurs, starting with the one that the bad hair guy actually won the election but lost because of fraud, a fact that has been discredited by everybody on the planet who has a brain.

A few of the beliefs that are swirling around the mind of the prize of the Peach State include:

* Walker told Fox News in December, “I can guarantee you, Joe Biden didn’t get 50 million people voting for him. But yet people think that he’s won this election.” Maybe Herschel got whacked in the head one too many times because Joe Biden won the presidency with more than 81 million votes. Herschel wants a re-vote in seven key states and I want my Maypo.

* The Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol was directed not by Trump supporters but by anti-Trumpers who wanted to stop the discussion about election fraud. More than 575 people have been charged and many or most were carrying banners, wearing hats or waving flags supporting the former leader, so that would seem to deflate Herschel’s well-considered theory, no doubt concocted over too many pieces of that delicious peach pie.

* The Chinese government is funding the Black Lives Matter movement, which is curious as Herschel is a black man who has undoubtedly faced much of the same racist treatment that has spurred on the BLM movement.

I don’t want anyone to get COVID-19 but here is some news from the I told you so department.

Marc Bernier, 65, a conservative talk radio host from Florida, who rejected the vaccines and told his listeners to do likewise, was the third anti-vaxxer conservative radio host to die of the virus in recent weeks.

Another conservative, anti-vaccine radio host from Florida, Dick Farrelly, fell to the virus on Aug. 4. And last week, Phil Valentine, a 62-year-old conservative talk show host in Nashville, Tenn., who had questioned the use of vaccines, also died from the virus.

Irony, your name is John Pierce, a lawyer who has spoken against the virus and the use of masks and who has represented people charged in connection with the Capitol riot, has COVID-19 and is on a respirator. Many of those happy go lucky rioters were probably vehemently opposed to the vaccine which has been concocted to keep bone spurs from a second term.

Which leads me to Kid Rock, 50, the hip hop, rap rock, rap metal, hard rock, heavy metal, Southern rock, country, nu metal, blues, funk and soul rocker who was active in the bad hair guy’s abortive reelection campaign.

The singer, whose given name is Robert Ritchie, does not have COVID-19 but most of his band members have come down with the virus leading to cancellation of planned concerts this week at Billy Bob’s Texas, an arena in Fort Worth, Texas. Last weekend, around 4,500 people attended Kid Rock concerts in Texas but not to worry, fans, artists and the crew had their temperatures checked so I guess the concert planners never heard of people who are asymptomatic but have the virus.

Kid Rock and his band performed several concerts before the recent Texas shows, including an Aug. 8 date at the popular Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Hundreds of thousands of people attended Sturgis, raising concerns about it becoming a “superspreader” event responsible for multiple new COVID-19 infections.

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem praised the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as “a fantastic event” which has seen COVID -19 cases spike by more than 500 percent in the weeks after the rally. Just two days before bikers arrived, South Dakota reported a total of 657 active cases. As of Friday, there were 3,992 people battling infections across South Dakota, with an average of 243 new cases and 123 hospitalizations daily. Meade County, home to Sturgis, has counted 330 new cases in the last two weeks, up from the 20 reported in the two weeks before the rally, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

And the beat goes on.



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