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News That Counts
Listen to the GOP

Record high temperatures, deadly flooding, widespread wild fires, extensive famine, shrinking ice caps.

And now the significant news. The Republicans continue to press plans to bar transgender students from playing in scholastic sports.

Moving on, the Biden administration will send up to $300 per child a month to most American families, payments that experts estimate will cut child poverty by nearly half, an achievement never done before in the history of this country.

And now for the important news. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will not arrest crowds protesting the Cuban government, even though they have violated a law he championed to arrest anyone blocking public streets, because he only meant the law to refer to anyone who supports Black Lives Matter and not those hoping to overthrow the Cuban government.

Moving on with the Democratic trifles of the day, a $3.5 trillion Democratic budget plan would go a long way to rebuilding the middle class, limiting poverty and slowing the threat of climate change.

Back to what counts, the Republicans are rallying around the cause of vaccine hostility, telling people not to be vaccinated, claiming the government isn’t telling the truth about COVID-19 despite the resurgence of the pandemic in red states around the country.

Also of little consequence in the news, a new book about the final weeks of the trump term reports the nation’s top military chief was really worried that trump would do anything to remain in office, including staging a Hitleresque coup.

And in an important GOP development, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., will go to the mat to defend Chick-fil-A’s plan to open a franchise on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, above student opposition because the fast food giant has been stridently anti-LGBTQ.

For more to yawn about, more than 400 species of wildlife, including nesting bald eagles, moose and bears can rest easily under President Biden’s plan to restore environmental protections for Tongass National Forest in Alaska, reversing a plan under the former president to open up about nine million acres to development.

On a serious note, ex-president trump told Fox News that the people who stormed the capitol were “peaceful people” and that the trump supporter who was shot and killed while attempting to climb into the Speaker’s Lobby of the House, was a hero.

And in the so what category, Josiah B. Colt, 34, of Idaho, pleaded guilty yesterday to felony obstruction of Congress and to joining a group who came to Washington armed with firearms, knives and body armor to support Trump. Colt was photographed hanging from the Senate balcony and then sitting in the presiding officer’s chair at the riot.

And in the category of the news you really need to be a functioning member of society, the GOP will continue to try and rally the base with boogeymen, like those past strawmen, Sharia law, Common Core, death panels, not to mention Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head and now, critical race theory, something that most Republicans couldn’t explain if their life depended on it, but they know they hate it and they are positive the teaching will drag the nation down the crapper.

And for a final bit of triviality the Democrats plan to offer Medicaid to about 4 million adults in a dozen red states that have refused the federal aid in the past.

And for the final word in news that is vitally important to us all, wingnut supreme, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., is demanding that a parody website be taken down because it makes fun of her, something that is really easy to do. Here’s an excerpt from the website, written by comedy writer Toby Morton.

“Hi! I’m Lauren Boebert. Professional failure, Illegal stalker of Nancy Pelosi, Wife of guy who exposed himself to a minor, QAnon believer, Owner of restaurant that gives you diarrhea because we don’t believe in health codes, and Daughter of woman who was definitely at the capitol riots but in no way was she a part of the actual riot because that would be wrong and she’s completely sane so stop mentioning it.”

Pretty funny, and I would say there is nothing more important than considering the feelings of Lauren Boebert. You can see more at



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