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Place Blame For COVID-19 Fears

On The Shoulders of Trump Et Al

In the COVID-19 battle I have run out of compassion, understanding and patience but I see now how I have misplaced my anger and misidentified the enemy. It is not the 42-year-old man who has come to a conclusion that the pandemic is a scam, that the vaccine is worthless or worse. It is not the 19-year-old woman who believes completely that the government is trying to manipulate us by frightening us into a state of submission. It is not the 33-year-old man who has come to be absolutely certain that the vaccine has not been properly tested and that it is no more than a big pharma scan.

It would be much easier to blame the 42-year-old, the 19-year-old, the 33-year-old and countless millions of others, as they are easy, simple targets but that would play right into the game plan of those who are really responsible for this terrible and dangerous situation. They are the trumps, the Paul Gosars, the Margaret Taylor Greenes, the Matt Gaetzes, the Steven Bannons and all of their heinous co-conspirators who are manipulating vulnerable, angry Americans to be used as political pawns. That’s what is so horribly wrong, that there are these devious, unethical, political devils who put their political desires ahead of the health of millions of Americans and that they knowingly use their powerful voices and skillfully manipulate the omni-present social media to convince so many otherwise, well-meaning people of their shameful scam.

Against these odds and this enemy, it is about impossible to stop the bleeding and cauterize the wounds inflicted on so many unsuspecting and frightened and angry people who are looking for something, anything to connect with to express their displeasure. The Gosars, the Taylor-Greenes, the Gaetzes, the Bannons, the trumps are all completely willing and able to step in and provide the vehicle, with absolutely no regards for the damages they are causing and without a moment of concern of where the vehicle is headed.

To those who have been so controlled to believe the worst about the pandemic, I say don’t trust me and certainly don’t put your trust in the Gosars, the Taylor-Greenes, the Gaetzes, the Bannons, the trumps . Go see your doctor and ask if the vaccine is safe and whether getting two vaccinations and a booster will provide the best protection available against getting COVID-19 or one of the ghastly variants. If your doctor says to forgo the vaccinations, then I am defeated but if the doctor suggests the vaccinations and you still refuse, then my patience and my compassion and understanding with you is over.

My anger comes not from the fear that you who are either unvaccinated or under-vaccinated will contaminate me. It is really about the most vulnerable, blameless and defenseless against us, those who have severe physical, emotional or developmental disabilities. Already group homes are keeping their residents in involuntary quarantine after staff members, who most likely has not been fully vaccinated, have tested positive for COVID-19. These employees are underpaid and overworked but the group homes are understaffed and if an employee is faced with mandatory vaccinations and if that employee chooses to quit working at the group home, rather than get vaccinated, then the losers will be those people who put their trust in us to keep them safe because they cannot care for themselves. So I plead with you who have not been fully vaccinated, to reject the selfish lies coming from the Gosars, the Taylor-Greenes, the Gaetzes, the Bannons, the trumps who put their phony politics ahead of every serious scientific report on COVID-19 and how their goal is to foil any efforts to control and eventually stop the pandemic.

Time is running out to defeat the pandemic as it mutates into newer and newer forms. Perhaps the time has come to take a lesson from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 masterpiece, “The Scarlet Letter.” The book tells the story of a young woman, Hester Prynne, who has given birth out of wedlock and is sentenced to wear the scarlet “A” for the rest of her life. It is a tale about shaming and social stigmatizing, public humiliation and fear. Hawthorne is sympathetic with the young woman and feels she has been unfairly branded. Perhaps those who refuse to follow the rules to stop COVID-19 should be forced to wear a scarlet “C” even though they have been made into unwilling conspirators in the spread of the pandemic.

The Gaetzes, Bannons and the rest are smart in the ways of appealing to those they wish to dominate. Gaetz and Bannon, the former trump confidante, recently outlined their latest transparently political effort to tap into the seething anger of so many people. They said that an “army of patriots” and “shock troops” should take over the government if trump runs and wins in 2024. That army would undoubtedly come from the ranks of the disillusioned and defeated who have succumbed to the lies they have been fed about COVID-19. Nothing like calling for volunteers for this new “army of patriots” to appeal to the dispossessed and distressed.

Bannon said “shock troops” divided into teams could take over some 4,000 government positions.

“We’re going to operationalize the performance to go right after the people who are imposing the vaccine mandates, who are enriching themselves, and who are selling out the country,” Gaetz added.

In November, Bannon was in court to face criminal contempt charges for defying a subpoena to sit for a deposition and produce documents related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The former White House chief strategist faces two criminal contempt-of-Congress charges, and his trial date is set for July 18.

Goetz is under federal investigation for possible sex trafficking.



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