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Saving Us From The Evil Disney

Team Fights To Punish Mickey, Minnie, Donald And The Rest

The Daily Wire is a multi-million dollar company whose co-founder believes that homosexuality is a sin and that transgender people suffer from mental illness and who has ranted that Afghanistan citizens who were killed during the American involvement were unimportant because they are all either Muslim terrorists or support the terrorists.
There is no better company than The Daily Wire to invest $100 million to create live-action and animated children’s entertainment to combat the creepy, “woke” Disney company which wants to morally bankrupt kids and took the extreme position of opposing Florida’s new “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
“Americans are tired of giving their money to woke corporations who hate them,” said Daily Wire co-founder, Jeremy Boreing. “They’re tired of giving their money to woke media companies who want to indoctrinate their children with radical race and gender theory.”
It’s about time that we bring back the wholesomeness that was once Disney but has deteriorated into capitalizing on those culturally repugnant characters like the Muppet Babies, Puppy Dog Pals, Luke Skywalker and the demonic Mickey Mouse. If you haven’t been too busy reading about rich movie stars slapping rich movie stars, the kerfuffle is part of the burgeoning “woke” war that is little more than a poorly disguised attack on LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer), immigrants, Jews and Blacks.
The latest woke eruption started when Disney came out against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill after initially saying nothing about the bill but reversing field after employees hammered Disney management for being mum and having its tail between the legs. The bill, championed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, is designed to keep out any references to LGBTQ subjects from the schools, so as to protect the children from all those LGBTQ perverts who are waiting in the bathrooms to groom and molest their innocent victims. The ban on anything other than good old American bigotry must be upheld even though prohibiting honest open dialogue may lead to even more suicides among young people who are shamed for their sexuality.
And by the way, DeSantis is just as vehement about keeping the kids from learning anything regarding American shame over slavery and institutional racism.
So, let’s bring back lovable Little Black Sambo; everybody’s favorite, Uncle Remus; the hilarious Amos and Andy show; and the minstrel shows which once thrilled and entertained millions. And how about a law requiring that Rambo be taught in the schools, that John Wayne and Gen. Custer be deified and worshiped and that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. And while we’re at it, tell Peter Dinklage, the star of “Game of Thrones” and a little person, himself, that he can take a hike if he doesn’t like the stereotypical dwarfs in Snow White. And make D.W. Griffith’s classic honorofic to the Ku Klux Klan, “The Birth of a Nation,” be mandatory viewing for all grades. Finally, let’s make sure that towel heads have no place to hide in our schools.
The children must be protected from anything involving self-identified LGBTQ entertainers Matt Bomer, Tessa Thompson, Ben Whishaw, Elliot Page, Janelle Monáe, Sarah Paulson, Billy Eichner, Alia Shawkat, Ezra Miller, Kate McKinnon, Tituss Burgess, or Evan Rachel Wood. Music must also be closely regulated so the kids’ tiny sensitive ears aren’t polluted by the sounds of Queen or Lady Ga Ga or that poster boy for perversion, Elton John.
One of the leading voices and instigators of the hurricane of right wing hysteria is of course, that lovable icon of propaganda, Tucker Carlson. The Fox celebrity struck out against the woke crowd, and Disney, in particular, when he said, “They have a sexual agenda for six-year-old children.”
“You’d think that’s illegal in some way. It’s certainly immoral. It’s creepy as hell. And yet they are the country’s leading purveyor of children’s programming. That’s a problem, no?” said the smug, self-serving mouthpiece of the faux media company that draws millions upon millions of viewers.
Carlson accused Disney executives of crafting a plan to normalize perverted lifestyles in movies and cartoons.
“Sounds like the behavior of a sex offender,” Carlson said. “Normal people do not sexualize underage children.”
So that brings political commentator, Jeremy Boreing, and film director Ben Shapiro, ready to ride in on their white steeds to save the day before riding away into the sun, having made the nation’s kids safe once again from attempts by the Democrats to destroy western civilization. Boreing and Shapiro started the conservative and incredibly lucrative, The Daily Wire Company in 2015. The two men are so unnerved by the wokeness of Disney that they plan to “invest a minimum of $100 million over the next three years into a line of live-action and animated children’s entertainment on its streaming platform.”
Need it be said that Shapiro believes transgender people suffer from mental illness and that the loss of life of Afghan civilians during the U.S. war was unimportant because the Afghans are all “fundamentalist Muslims” who provide cover for terrorists or give them money.

Before forming The Daily Wire, Boreing and Shapiro founded the conservative media watchdog and activism organization “Truth Revolt,” in 2013, with a mission “to expose the leftist news media and to hold them accountable for their hypocrisy and bias.” Truth Revolt was largely funded by David Horowitz who also formed the David Horowitz Freedom Center in 1988, which runs websites and blogs, including the far-right website FrontPage Magazine, described by critics as Islamophobic; Students for Academic Freedom; and the anti-Muslim blog Jihad Watch.
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has described the Horowitz Center as an anti-Muslim hate group. One SPLC column accused Horowitz of blaming slavery on “black Africans … abetted by dark-skinned Arabs” and of “attack[ing] minority ‘demands for special treatment’ as ‘only necessary because some blacks can’t seem to locate the ladder of opportunity within reach of others.’”
Shapiro also hosts his on-line political podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show, which airs weekdays. As of March 2019, the podcast was ranked by Podtrac as the second most popular podcast in the U.S. Shapiro speaks at college campuses across the United States. A speech planned at California State University in 2016, on “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” was cancelled after objections by students and staff. In 2016, DePaul University revoked an invitation for Shapiro to address students at the school and barred him from entering the campus due to “security concerns.”
Boreing also has been an active contributor to “PragerU,” which is not an educational institution but rather produces conservative internet videos. PragerU encourages students to join “PragerFORCE,” an international student organization to promote PragerU’s videos and ideology. About 6,500 college and high school students promoted its videos as of 2020.
PragerU releases one video per week on various topics from a conservative viewpoint that according to its site “advances Judeo-Christian values.” More than a dozen videos promote fossil fuels and dispute the scientific consensus on climate change, not surprising as the much of the organization’s early funding came from hydraulic fracturing billionaires Dan and Farris Wilks. In 2020, PragerU reported to have received about $28 million in revenues, most of it from donations, and reported around $28 million in expenditures, with 39 percent going into marketing.

Save the day, Boreing and Shapiro.



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