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Scores of Republicans Joined Trump’s Unsuccessful ‘Fake Elector’ Plot

Before the 2020 presidential election, the term “fake electors” sounded more like a food additive than what has become one of the key components in trump’s conspiracy to prove that he actually won re-election but was defeated because of of widespread voter fraud, in other words, his big lie.
In short, the plan was to subvert the electoral college process by having counterfeit electoral votes submitted by “fake electors” who supported trump in seven swing states that were won by President Biden, fair and square, with no proven voting fraud. In no uncertain terms, it was an attempted coup initially orchestrated by former trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani.
Without getting overly wonky, the way the electoral process works is that voters pick a president in November and the results are forwarded to the Electoral College and its 538 individual electors. The winning candidate is represented by their designated slate of electors, who in turn vote to elect a president. Trump conspired to replace Biden’s electors with phony Republican electors who had been enrolled by trump’s camp to fill fake elector slots and to sign fake electoral certificates.
The vice president then has the ceremonial role of reading the electoral counts from each state. But trump wanted Pence to break with tradition and illegally replace the Biden electors with trumpers. At best, Pence would declare trump the winner; at worst, Pence could point to confusion over the real electoral voters and order a delay in the electoral count, allowing states to revise their voting and certify trump’s electors.
Pence refused, despite trump’s harassment and threats and Biden was named president, while the riot at the Capitol by trump supporters unfolded. But many trump supporters did not refuse and willingly joined with 84 Republicans who signed on as fake electors.
Phony electoral certificates were signed by Republican state lawmakers and party officials in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico, states that account for a combined 84 electoral votes, that were all won by Biden. The plot failed and the situation is under investigation by the Justice Department, state prosecutors and the House Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attempted coup by trump supporters.
Among many others, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., was sucked into the swirl of failed events to overturn the election. Johnson told the House investigation committee that he was unaware that one of his aides had tried to pass a list of fake electors for Michigan and Wisconsin through then-Vice President Mike Pence’s legislative director.
“These things were delivered to our office — I didn’t know they were coming,” Johnson said. “I had no hand in it. My staff — my chief of staff did the right thing, he called up the vice president. He didn’t want it, we didn’t send it to him. End of story.” Sorry, Senator Johnson, it’s not the end of the story, not by a long shot.
Arizona State House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican, testified to the House investigations committee that he refused trump’s request that he file as a fake elector. Bogus trump certificates were signed by numerous Republicans including elected officials and party leaders. Here is a bit about some of the Republicans who were not as ethical as Bowers and willingly signed on to the plot and put their names on phony electoral certificates.



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