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Take The Disinformation Quiz

Over The Latest Developments From Ukraine To Climate Change

The disinformation game or lies my government and its leaders tell me, a quiz. The winner gets a free, all expense paid trip to Mar-a-Lago, paid by the profits from my blog.The subjects include the war in Ukraine, gas prices, inflation, COVID-19 and climate change. To win, check which of the following comments were said.
1. Russian Invasion
A. Russian President Vladimir Putin said there has been no invasion, only a limited “special military operation” to liberate Ukrainians from the brutal Nazis in their midst, that the situation has been blown wildly out of proportion by a Russia-hating West, and that it has been a necessary act of self-defense.
B. Putin said several hundred thousand Russians that had encircled Ukraine were there for limited training and a vacation on the Black Sea, to relax on the beaches, enjoy the pretty harborside hamlets and the lush tea-growing hills.
C. The Russian government, spelled PUTIN, accused the Pentagon of financing biological weapons labs in Ukraine.
2. Ukraine
A) Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., had harsh words, not for Putin but for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and said, “Remember that Zelensky is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt, and it is incredibly evil, and it has been pushing woke ideologies.”
B. Cawthorn, an unquestioning trump apparatchik, said the U.S. should not support Ukraine because in the long run, support for Putin will prove beneficial to the U.S.
C. Cawthorn claimed that Ukraine was responsible for the Democratic-backed Jan. 6, 2020, incidents at the Capitol.
3. Gas Prices
A. Joe Biden caused this and doesn’t seem to care, said Nathan Brand, the Republican National Committee’s deputy communications director, in reference to escalating gas prices.
B. Experts said the spike in prices is caused by many factors, not the president. They said that the oil industry is still trying to recover its losses from during the pandemic, a period when demand for oil dropped and prices briefly plunged to negative levels. Additionally, while the number of active rigs in the U.S. continues to rise after that 2020 crash, oil companies, like most other industries, are struggling to hire workers and procure equipment amid the ongoing supply chain backlog.
C. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., demanded that Biden “take the shackles off American energy” and open up many more oil drilling operations in the country even if it means adding to the climate change crisis.
4. Inflation
A) Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., said that Biden’s budget is the main factor driving inflation and that “When times are tough, and you see increases in inflation, and you’re making your paychecks stretch and stretch to make ends meet, I would say that we need to set priorities just like families do. And that isn’t, in my opinion, to make increases across the board.”
B) GOP strategist Matt Gorman, said that “Democrats can use every trick in the book to try to blame inflation on Vladimir Putin or on corporations. But it’s a problem that falls solely at the feet of Joe Biden.”
C) President Biden has sought to persuade voters to look at the bright side of his economic record, which includes the creation of millions of new jobs, and spending billions to neutralize the COVID-19 pandemic.
5. COVID-19
A) Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said the pandemic crisis is a ploy by the left to impose “authoritarian, arbitrary and seemingly never-ending mandates and restrictions.”
B) “We now know that fully vaccinated individuals can catch covid. … So what’s the point?” said Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. “ I’m just one of those truth tellers.”
C) While some Republicans are saying that gargling with mouthwash can kill the virus, others want Dr. Anthony Fauci prosecuted for leading bogus claims about the dangers of COVID-19.
6. Climate Change
A) A growing Republican consensus is that concerns over climate change must take a back seat to fixing the economy, despite a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that coastal sea levels will rise by an entire foot between now and 2050, “intensifying the threat of flooding and erosion to coastal communities across the country” and that the ongoing drought in the western states has made this the driest period there in 1,200 years.
B) Florida Gov. DeSantis wouldn’t offer any plans to battle climate change but he did say, “What I’ve found is, people when they start talking about things like global warming, they typically use that as a pretext to do a bunch of left-wing things that they would want to do anyways. We’re not doing any left-wing stuff.”
C) Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., said that all gun control laws must be revoked before anything is done or any money is committed to slowing climate change.
Here are the answers for the lucky winner who will get a trip to Mar-a-Lago:
1. A,C.
2. A.
3. A., B.,C.
4. A., B., C.
5. A., B., C.
6. A.,B.



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